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Abe no Seimei (安倍晴明?) is the most powerful exorcist mentioned in the series. The Miko's enchanted guardian is said to be Abe no Seimei; however, Sayo's enchanted guardian recognizes Rokuro as Abe no Seimei's son, and Hijirimaru said that Abe no Seimei is still alive in Magano.


Abe no Seimei appears to be a young child wearing a small monk outfit.



Abe No Seimei was an exorcist and most powerful of all. 1000 years ago, when Impurities roamed freely, Abe No Seimei fought against the King of Impurities. In order to contain it, she created Magano. Before entering, she entrusted her name and ideals to her subordinate, knowing full well that she won't return. She, along with her twelve guardians entered Magano and cornered The King to Tsuchimikado Island. Unfortunately, the King abandoned his real body and sought to possess her as a final desperate attack. Unable to remove him from her own body, she made herself become a living cage and has since then contained the King for over 1000 years. At some point in time, she gave birth to Rokuro.


She appears multiple times in Rokuro's dreams and subtly hints that she is his mother.

Powers and Abilities

Abe no Seimei is one of the most powerful exorcists and created twelve powerful shikigami which are used by the Twelve Guardians. She can use thousands of hidden techniques and summon among ten thousands of shikigami. Later she split a part of her power to one of her young apprentice Doujimaru to use her name and lead the exorcists of yang schools.


  • Abe no Seimei is based on the historical onmyōji of the same name.
  • According to Tenma Unomiya, before Abe no Seimei and her twelve allies left to finish off the King of Impurities in Magano, she entrusted a portion of her powers to a young male disciple named Doujimaru and told him to take up her name and guide all excorcists until her return. This disciple would be the Abe no Seimei that the world became familiar with.