The Adashino House (化野家 Adashino-ke?) was a family that resided on Tsuchimikado Island. This house has females as house heads.


Years ago, Yuto Ijika and his younger twin sister Benio Adashino were raised in this house. The two were taught exorcism by their parents and live peacefully here but following the death of their parents at the hands of the Basara Kamui. After their parents funeral, the siblings were separated and had their names changed to avoid trouble.

The house would be abandoned for years and after the Exorcist Union's discovery of Yuto's true malicious nature and being the mastermind of Hiinatsuki Tragedy the house was looked upon with contempt and left dilapidated. For years, it has been guarded by Kinako, a shikigami who has served the house for years and has made several attempts to protect the house from being torn down.

Years later, Rokuro Enmado visited the house following his arrival on Tsuchimikado Island where he was driven away by Kinako who believed that Rokuro was responsible for the events he heard about Benio. When construction workers came with a contract to tear down the house, Kinako attempted to stop them only for them to push him aside and insult the "house of bad luck". With that, they begin to destroy the house which caused Kinako to attack but they repel and prepared to destroy him for interfering. However, they are halted by Rokuro who takes away the contract and defend the house but before the altercation can escalate Heavenly Commander Tatara arrives. Tatara's presence scares off the workers as Kinako questions Rokuro's presence as the twin star reveals he wanted to talk with Kinako about the house where Benio grew up being misunderstood.

Kinako states he states his reasons for defending the house was due to promise he made with Benio and declares he will not allow Benio's home to be destroyed. Understanding his grief, Rokuro takes matters into his own and after taking out the contract for the house he declares the house to be the first Enmado House with himself as the head. Rokuro's reason was so cannot be destroyed since he is an active member as Kinako warns him about the ostracizing he will receive for taking the house however Rokuro shrugs this off and tells Tatara to tell the other Heavenly Commanders his house will be the highest ranking one on the island. This amuses Tatara while Rokuro tells Kinako to help him ready the house for Benio's arrival as Kinako graciously takes his hand.

Known Members

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