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Atago (愛宕あたご?) is a Basara that hails from the Outcast Valley village.


Atago is a Basara with very large breasts and wears black panties with a hole. She has short unkempt hair and a pair of short round horns on her head.



Powers & Abilities

As a Basara, Atago is assumed to be just as powerful or perhaps even stronger than the Twelve Guardians.

  • Immense Spell Power: As an Impurity and a Basara, Atago has massive amounts of Spell Power estimated to easily rival that of several members of that of the Twelve Guardians combined by default. During their battle, Hibari accuratly gaued that Atago's power easily surpassed his own and he concluded that he stood no chance of beating her on his own and concluded that he would need the assitance of at least, two more Guardians to stand a chance against her.
  • Superhuman Physical Durability: As seen during her battle against Hibari Zeze, Atago possesses immense physical durability, having been able to brush off the latter's attacks and damage inflicted on her like it was nothing and continue fighting against him.
  • Eijaku Hoze (影寂萌疵 Eijaku Hōze?, lit. Lonely Scarring Shadows): Atago's Impure Death Equip.[1] Atago can conjure women wielding large knives from the shadows of objects and her opponents in large amounts and strong enough to slaughter multiple exorcists. Atago has shown to also be capable of conjuring one large woman big enough to carry a human in its fist.
    • Fused Form:As seen from her fight against Hibari, Atago is able to fuse together with her own shadow and transform into a armored, monster form that drastically increases her physical offensive abilities.
    • Shadow Stakes: Atago also showcased the ability to create numerous gigantic, stone like stakes to erupt from the shadows of her opponents. Having slaughtered and dangled the corpses of numerous Excorcists using them.


  • The women that Atago creates from the shadow of her opponents may be inspired by Kuchisake-onna from Japanese folklore.


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