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Atsushi Sukumozuka (すくもづかあつし Sukumozuka Atsushi?), is an exorcist who lives in the Seika Dormitory.


Atsushi has a red streak that runs down his brown hair.

He is usually wearing a jersey and pants.



Atsushi was first seen in the Seika Dormitory, were Ryogo Nagitsuji was dividing up the requests, before Rokuro Enmado storming in and crying, asking if there was anything good about him, since a girl turned him down. Atsushi told him that it's good that he can tie his shoes. As Ryogo tried to convince Rokuro to become exorcist again, Atsushi and Shinnosuke Kuzaki questioned that, as they haven't seen his skills, but Ryogo told them that Rokuro was an amazing exorcist, which they still had hard time to believe.

Powers and abilities

As an exorcists, Atsushi is capable of using enchanting charm, but compared to Ryogo Nagitsuji and other exorcists, he is weaker.


  • The name Atsushi means "deep, true, sincere" (篤).
  • Atsushi's surname Sukumozuka means "forehead, tablet, plaque, framed picture, sum, amount, volume" (額) (sukumo) and "mound" (塚) (tsuka/zuka).