A Basara (婆娑羅バサラ?) is an evolved Impurity that has absorbed enough curses, usually by killing Exorcists and preying on their own kind. When a Shinja has absorbed enough, it turns into a Basara gaining an even more human-like form and improved speech. Their ranking is determined by their age the smaller the number, the older and (usually) stronger they are. There are eleven (seven in the anime) known Basaras, and all of them are at least powerful enough to beat most if not all Guardians and kill masses of Impurities. Basaras as Gabura are able to overwhelm multiple Guardians and many high level exorcists.[1]


It is because Impurities are born from people's sins and karma, that they take after humans when they evolve into Basaras, but they still retain some traits that can tell them apart from humans. Unlike humans, they have kuji-kiri on their torsos and (usually) one eye of a normal human and one with a black sclera, and cracks around it, also they are all dark skinned. Some Basaras absorb spell power by killing Impurities, Chinu has been doing this for over 1000 years since the creation of Magano. If a Basara absorbs even more power, it becomes even more human in appearance, having normal eyes. Hijirimaru and Kamui both have normal eyes in their evolved forms.

Known Basaras

D 047 Sakanashi square Ch56gabura Hijirimaru square
Chinu (千怒?)
Sakanashi (無悪?)
Gabura (加布羅?)
Hijirimaru (聖丸?)
Shiromi D 051 GajaSquare Shioji
Shiromi (銀鏡?)
Kaguya (赫夜?)
Gaja (臥蛇?)
Shioji (四皇子?)
Chikurasquare Higano square Yuzuriha Kamui upclose
Chikura (千倉?)
Previous Eighth
Higano (氷鉋?)
Yuzuriha (?)
Kamui (神威?)

Anime Only Basara
Kuranashi Moro Suzu Yamato
Kuranashi Moro Suzu Yamato
Chijiwa-momochi Chijiwa-momochi Kinasa
Chijiwa Momochi Kinasa


A thousand years ago, exorcists discovered that when a Shinja impurity gains too much power by killing humans (usually exorcists), they can evolve into a Basara.

Powers & Abilities

Human Speech

After turning into a Basara they gain human speech and are able to use it without problems. They will communicate with other Basara to plan something or with Exorcists to make them feel more despair or ridicule them.

Enchanted Gear

Due to the absorbing from the different powers from the Exorcists they are able to use the Enchanted Gears as well, by using the curse talisman.


Basaras such as Kamui seem to be able to completely regenerate severed body parts and all of them show a degree of light regeneration even in battle.

Immense Strength

Different Basaras have shown on numerous occasions to possess a high degree of strength. When battling exorcists, they are able to defend themselves by hitting their opponents without putting much effort into it. Their strength is proportional on the number of years they lived. Those who lived over a 100 years are over three times stronger than a Heavenly Commander.

Growth by Age

The power levels of the Basaras are ranked relative to their age, not to their risk ranks. This was later proven to be false, as Chinu barely has enough enchanted powers to knock out low-level impurities, due to her not killing humans for power, unlike all other Basaras. In reality, Sakanashi is the strongest of all the current Basaras. 


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