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Amy Xu Amy Xu 27 March 2018

Attempting Admin-hood

As the founder and the current admin has been inactive for a year, I wanted to adopt this wiki for a while. The main objective is:

Restrict unregistered users from editing and commenting.

The reason is, many unregistered users just couldn't learn to be responsible to their actions. They commited malicious edits, insult characters (Shimon/Arimori) and do other meaningless actions. Also some of actions can be tolerated - like asking dumb questions while not reading the manga with attention, and, not using (proper) English - this is just a waste of others' time and energy. I'm not saying all unregistered users are doing that, and I do know that registering is just a form, but this threshold makes people more careful.

As this adoption page said …

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Candeo123 Candeo123 6 January 2017

Sousei no Onmyouji Eng sub

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Kawai-nya Kawai-nya 19 August 2016

Administrator ''thing''

ok correct me if im wrong but does this wiki have admins i mean yeah what am i fu***** doing in other's business but i really would like this wikia to have admins im an admin tooo at an other wikia but if there are only few or there are none admins at this wiki i'll sure be one im just new at this wiki but yeh i think only an opinion huh what's this girl doing is she reckless she has only been editing toiday now why fu***** write this blog post yeah my own reasons too i guess im pretty reckless no one would know this but im just informing now if someone sees this i think i know he/she's gonna say what the fu** i dont care about your business informing well whateever sorry if i didn't give this speech a little arrrangement i didn't put dot,et…

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