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Rokuro and Benio (ろくろと紅緒 Rokuro to Benio?) is 1st chapter in the Twin Star Exorcists manga series.



A young Rokuro is shown grieving over the loss of his friends, and cursing his weakness. In the present, Zenkichi and Ryougo perform an exorcism on a little girl, while Rokuro confesses to a girl and is rejected. He then runs back home but gets no support, and is instead being told by Ryougo he should be an exorcist since he's not good at anything else. Frustrated, Rokuro runs away.

As he is walking on a bridge, Benio falls from the sky down to the water below and he jumps with the intention of saving her, but ends up being saved by her instead. She shows him a map, and he agrees to help her get to the destination marked as thanks for saving him. However, since Rokuro can't read the map properly, they get lost.

Two children around them suddenly disappear, so Benio opens the door to Magano to bring them back, dragging Rokuro along. There, she saves the kids by defeating the impurities surrounding them, and heals the injured boy. A huge and powerful impurity appears, so Benio asks Rokuro to take the children and escape from Magano while she fights it. She mentions the Hiinatsuki Tragedy, where many children died, as part of her motivation to cleanse all impurities.

Seeing her defeated and remembering his own past, Rokuro stands in front of Benio to fight the impurity. He takes out a black charm and uses it on his arm, making it change to a demonic looking one, and manages to cleanse the impurity in a single hit. Benio praises his power, but Rokuro calls it a curse instead.

As they get out of Magano, Kinu shows up looking for Benio. Rokuro and Benio tell each other their names before departing, but both are thinking that they don't want to meet again. When Rokuro gets home, Benio is there and it's revealed that the place marked on her map was actually his own house.