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The Twin Stars Cross (双星交差 Sōsei Kōsa?) is 2nd chapter in the Twin Star Exorcists manga series.



Inside a cave, Arima Tsuchimikado makes a divination that tells him the names of Rokuro and Benio, and he mentions that the Miko has finally come. In the Seika dormitory, Rokuro is awoken by Benio, who wants to have an impurity exorcising competition. He refuses, claiming he hates exorcists, so Benio goes by herself. At noon, Rokuro walks into her bathing, resulting in him being tied as punishment. Arima, the head of the exorcists, appears at the garden, looking very excited when he hears Rokuro's name.

Many exorcists gather at the Narukami Temple, where Arima states he has an important announcement to make: he had a revelation foretelling the coming of the Miko, an existence that will put an end to their war with impurities. After his explanation, Arima asks Rokuro and Benio to fight each other. Since Rokuro is unwilling, Arima insults his dead comrades to make him fight seriously, using his black charm on his arm. After letting them show their powers on the fight, Arima stops them. He then claims they are the Twin Star Exorcists, a title given to the parents of the Miko, saying he would like Rokuro and Benio to get married and have a child.