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The Sound of Magano (禍野の音 Magano no Oto?) is 3rd chapter in the Twin Star Exorcists manga series.



Rokuro and Benio are told by Arima that they are destined to marry and have a child, however, neither of them is happy about the situation. They get into an argument, ending in them insulting eachother, and Benio beating Rokuro up. Then Ryougo tells her about how Rokuro was a proud exorcist in the past, but something happened to make him hate being one. He thinks Benio can bring the old Rokuro back, and asks her to take care of him who he sees as a younger brother.

Shinnosuke, Ryougo and Atsushi go perform an exorcism on an old house, however, only Shinnosuke and Atsushi get back home. They say Ryougo disappeared after they were all attacked by a big impurity inside the house. Rokuro starts worrying and asks Benio for a charm to enter Magano and get Ryougo back, and she says she'll come along too. In Magano, Ryougo tries to fight off the impurities surrounding him, and Rokuro and Benio show up to save him. After Ryougo is swallowed by the big impurity, Rokuro saves him using his powerful arm. Then, both him and Benio exorcise all the impurities surrounding them before they all leave Magano.

Rokuro stays behind to wait for Benio and thanks her for helping out, while she says that he's an acceptable exorcist while fighting. He then says that disregarding the marriage topic, he might actually like her, making Benio very embarrassed.