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Magano’s Encroachment (禍野侵食, Magano Shinshoku) is 30th chapter in the Twin Star Exorcists manga series.



Hijirimaru throws an impaled Sayo and Shimon manages to catch her. Higano's enchanted power merges with Hijirimaru's, making him more powerful. In the human world, a couple is attacked by an Impurity and saved by Seigen. He explains to Shinnosuke, Atsushi and Ryougo that Magano is encroaching because a powerful Impurity is trying to pry limit open. He wants to reinforce the barrier, but they are attacked by Impurities. The same happens to Mayura and Benio, who is still unconscious. Meanwhile, Hijirimaru's form changes after absorbing Higano's powers, and he starts attacking Shimon and Sayo who can barely endure it.

Two of the Twelve Heavenly Commanders, Kankurou Mitosaka and Kengo Ujii, come to help Seigen deal with the Impurites. Mayura and Benio are saved by Arima, who defeats Impurities easily by just ordering them. Mayura asks him to save Shimon and Sayo, who are still being attacked by Hijirimaru.

While Rokuro is unable to move his body, Abe no Seimei appears before him, questioning his reason to fight. He decides that he wants to fight to look cool in front of his wife, and realizes who Seimei really is. After regaining his energy, Rokuro punches Hijirimaru to protect Shimon and Sayo.