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Who Are You? (其は誰ぞ So wa Dare zo?) is 4th chapter in the Twin Star Exorcists manga series.



Benio dreams about the past, when her parents were exorcising impurities and she was a cheerful girl.

Arima shows up at the Seika Dormitory and makes Rokuro and Benio move out to a new house where they will live together by themselves. Rokuro then asks Benio about the charm she uses to enter Magano, and she explains that only powerful exorcists can have one, as impurities get stronger by killing humans and obtaining their power.

That night, Benio has a nightmare about her parents' deaths. The next day, she is walking around the streets when she hears an impurity and enters Magano to exorcise it. A humanoid Impurity appears before Benio, asking about the Twin Star Exorcists. She realizes he is the one who killed her parents, and attacks him but is easily defeated. Before Benio is killed, Rokuro shows up and saves her by punching the Impurity, who is barely hurt by his attack and confronts them again.