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Raging Inferno at Hadarae Castle!! (爆燃烈火の波達羅盈城 Bakunen Rekka no Hadarae-jō?) is the 44th chapter in the Twin Star Exorcists manga series.



Kankuro brings up his previous meeting with Rokuro as the latter recalls it, he states that it would of been interesting if Rokuro joined him as the boy is flattered by this. Kankuro soon asks Rokuro if he'd accept a wager if he wins Rokuro would join his Mitosaka House as the audience are surprised by this act. Rokuro then accepts the bet but states if he wins, all members of Kankuro's house have to join him as his words are met with disgust by the audience. Kankuro tells Rokuro that can't be possible but says if he does win, Kankuro alone will join.

The battle soon begins with Kankuro activating his enchanted gear and overwhelms Rokuro who tries his best to hold him off as the crowd notices his difference in his spell use. Kankuro soon kicks Rokuro down before he tells him, he knows he is holding back his true power. The crowd are surprised to hear that Rokuro is really the one not being serious and wonder if it is true. Rokuro confirms he is not using his full power but he isn't trying to hold back as his trump card requites a lot of power but says Kankuro is at the good level for him to use full power.

Rokuro then reveals his gauntlets as Mayura, Shimon and Shizuru ponder if it is his secret move. Rokuro thinks back to his Shikigami training and how he struggled to come up with the perfect one before he remembered Benio showing him a drawing of hers. He soon summons Ohagi Man, as many are surprised at his ability to use shikigami as Mayura comments on the name.

A sphere of Ohagi is summoned with the audience being shocked by the sight with some even laughing except Arimori. Rokuro then says the command as the Ohagi man burns and energy engulfs Rokuro before the smoke clears and reveals both his arms and half of his face covered in armor. It is called Twin Buster Flamberge as the enchanted power surprises Kankuro and Kengo Ujii who warns the staff of the arena to put up defenses as though Tenma Unomiya were fighting. Many of the audience are amazed by the power, especially Tenma who is watching the fight intently.

Rokuro tells Kankuro their real fight begins as he uses a spell called Star Damned to propel to his opponent and send him flying in the air. Keiji Ikaruga notes that Rokuro's usage is similar to his enchanted gear.

At that moment, Rokuro is able to launch several blows on the Heavenly Commander as he is cheered on by Arimori and Kinako. With this encouragement, Rokuro sends Kankuro crashing to the ground with a spell called Golt Smash Incendio.

This act is met with disbelief as the announcer tries to find Kankuro and she locates outside of the ring. Rokuro arrives at Kankuro's location and tells him he was on his case earlier about not being at full strength and tells him to do the same. He call Kankuro "Dr. Kan" as the latter is shocked by this.