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Welcome Back, Dr. Kan-chan (おかえり、勘ちゃん先生 Okaeri, Kan-chan Sensei?) is the 45th chapter in the Twin Star Exorcists manga series.



Rokuro once more tells Kankuro to fight at full strength calling him "Dr. Kan" as the Heavenly Commander questions his knowledge of it. He soon realizes Kengo Ujii told Rokuro this before he tells the latter to leave his private life out of the fight and attacks but Rokuro dodges and hits him in the stomach. He berates Kankuro for this as he reminds him of the rules and if he lost it would be assumed he intentionally held back, due to his rank.

Rokuro is soon cheered on to continue the fight by Mayura Otomi and Shizuru Ioroi, with this Rokuro continues to beat down Kankuro as he berates him for not fighting at full strength. This display earns him more praise from the audience and the members of the Enmado House while Kengo is disgusted with his friend's pitiful display of strength.

It goes back to Rokuro and Kengo's conversation where the latter told of an event that occurred seven years ago, where Kankuro was a happy doctor who tended to several children who were also his exorcist students.