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Your Courage, My Courage (君の勇気、私の勇気 Kimi no Yūki, Watashi no Yūki?) is 5th chapter in the Twin Star Exorcists manga series.



The humanoid Impurity, and Rokuro's battle is interrupted by a lesser Impurity that distracts the humanoid one and allows Rokuro and Benio to escape from Magano. He heals her using her charms, and Benio wants to go fight the Impurity again, since he's the one who killed her parents. Rokuro decides to help her fight and goes back to Magano while she eats and recovers.

After taking a punch from Rokuro, the Impurity decides to get serious and uses a charm to change the appearance of his legs. Benio then returns and attacks him, but takes a hit and starts falling. Rokuro catches her and holds her hand, making Benio's sword change its form, and they manage to destroy one of the Impurity's legs. He realizes they are the Twin Star Exorcists after seeing their resonance, and tells them that impurities have killed many Twin Stars before. He decides to let them go and either fight them again when they are stronger or the Miko when they are born. Arima then carries Rokuro and Benio, both unconscious, back to their home, leaving them on the same bed.