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Rokuro's True Feelings (ろくろの気持ち Rokuro no Kimochi?) is 6th chapter in the Twin Star Exorcists manga series.



Rokuro is woken up by Kinu, who tells her that Benio will start attending his school. They also talk about the Impurity they fought the previous day, calling it a Basara: a powerful Impurity with a human form. While Rokuro drives Benio to school on a bike, she apologizes for Kinu's behavior towards him. Once Rokuro reaches his classroom, he is greeted by his childhood friend Mayura, who is worried about him moving from the Seika Dormitory. Then, Benio is introduced as a transfer student to their class.

Rokuro's friends are curious about his new house and visit it after school, despite his protests. He thinks Benio isn't home, but Mayura finds her in the bathroom and demands explanations from him. After finding out Rokuro has been exorcising again, Mayura starts arguing with Benio about whether he should be an exorcist or not. He decides he wants to fight, and Mayura storms off, leaving behind a charm used to hide her powers from Impurities. She's attacked by one, but Rokuro shows up to save her and brings her to his house.

There, Rokuro and Benio talk about the number of Impurity attacks being much higher than usual, and she reassures him again that his power as an exorcist is useful. When left alone, Mayura tells Benio that Rokuro came from the Hiinatsuki Dormitory and was involved in the Hiintasuki Tragedy, shocking her.