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Another Resonance (もう一つのレゾナンス Mō Hitotsu no Rezonansu?) is the 69th chapter in the Twin Star Exorcists manga series.



Rokuro and Tenma banter on who should be able to defeat Yuto, while he notes on how they resemble one of kind. The two then decide that whoever ends up overcoming Yuto has the rights to defeat him.

The trio start their fight with Yuto holding off some of his enemies' attacks before Rokuro uses his Kegare arm, which Yuto notes has changed before he acknowledges the strength Rokuro has gained when he fires a barrage of attacks. Yuto sends an attack at Rokuro that is intercepted by Tenma, whose powers interest him. The fight continues with Yuto starting to enjoy it while using his own enchantments against Tenma and taunts him on dodging before he sees Rokuro uses his Shikigami and notes on it being Benio's old drawing. When Rokuro uses a powerful attack, Yuto is forced to partially transform to block it and is frustrated that he was forced to do so. Rokuro and Tenma decide to get serious while unleashing their full power, Rokuro using his full powered Shikigami and Tenma using his full enchantment gear. They then attack Yuto, who ends up being pushed back and acknowledging they are stronger than before and he is unable to properly defend himself.

However, Rokuro and Tenma use tag team attack that appears to engulf Yuto. The voice of Yuto is heard screaming in anger, as it is revealed he was forced to enter his Kegare form to hold it off and expresses anger that he was forced to transform. Tenma notes on how Yuto may be more powerful and calls Rokuro in for help. Rokuro and Yuto are flummoxed when they are able to do a Resonance. The smoke clears to reveal Yuto was hit by the attack and lost his arm, while angrily demanding to know the possibility of the attack. Rokuro then questions Tenma on how they performed such an attack.