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Tangled Tragedy (交錯する悲劇 Kōsaku suru Higeki?) is 7th chapter in the Twin Star Exorcists manga series.



Benio is very shocked after hearing that Rokuro was present at the Hiinatsuki Tragedy, but changes the topic when he shows up. Rokuro then takes Mayura home, and she tells her what she talked about with Benio, and that she might be related to Hiinatsuki as well.

The next day, Rokuro visits the Seika Dormitory to tell them that he wants to be an exorcist again. There he is greeted by Seigen, who is Mayura's fathers and one of the Twelve Heavenly Commanders, and was also Ryougo and Rokuro's master at exorcism. He later scolds Rokuro for using his arm so often, and challenges him to test his resolve. They both enter Magano to fight eachother, while Benio who was exorcising Impurities watches them from afar.

When Rokuro is about to punch Seigen, he stops, stating he has to fight Impurities, and not humans. Seigen, disappointed in Rokuro, tears his black charm to pieces, and claims Rokuro is full of the sins and impurities he wishes to cleanse.

Back at the Seika Dormitory, Kinu tells the others about Benio's twin brother, who died in the Hiinatsuki Tragedy and she wants to avenge. Back in Magano, Seigen tells Benio the truth about the Hiinatsuki Tragedy: no Impurities appeared from Magano that day, it was Rokuro who killed everyone.