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Stupid Older Brother (馬鹿兄貴 Baka Aniki?) is the 73rd chapter in the Twin Star Exorcists manga series.



After Benio's return, the fateful rematch between the Twin Star Exorcists and Yuto finally begins.

Rokuro takes the lead and attack first, while Benio sneaks behind Yuto. Yuto evades and resist the assault, punching Benio in the stomach. Rokuro calls for Benio to perform a Resonance technique. Yuto counters the attack and grabs Benio by the throat. Suddenly, Yuto's past flashes through her eyes. This "vision" is followed by a plea from Yuto to kill him already, before Rokuro blows him away from her.

As a result of the damage inflicted by Yuto's punch, Benio begins to lose control over her enchanted powers, but soon regains it with the resolution to defeat Yuto once and for all. Meanwhile, Rokuro, who is fighting Yuto by himself, admits that although he hates him and could never forgive him for what he has done, a small part of him still thought that Yuto was cool. This feeling amplified his anger and disappointment at the fact that Yuto gave up on his humanity to become a monster.

Benio rejoins the fight, apologizing to Rokuro for involving him in her family matters, and asks him for his help in defeating Yuto, as she cannot do it on her own. Rokuro agrees immediately to her request, and using Resonance, they impact Yuto with a massive beam of energy, bringing him to a state of near-defeat, in which he no longer can wield the power of Impurities.

Benio tells Rokuro about her seeing Yuto's past, and explains to him that the Yuto each of them knows is a different person: Yuto Adashino is her real, honest and kind older brother, while the Yuto Ijika Rokuro knows is no more than a personality he made as a way for him to escape from his guilty conscience, a broken shell of his former self. Benio cries for her corrupted, pitiful and beyond saving brother. Rokuro then declares that though he cannot forgive him, it is their job as exorcists to prevent him from getting corrupted any farther. Rokuro jumps over next to the gravely injured Yuto, declaring that just like the old days, he will fight with him until he's satisfied, and after which they will both be yelled at by Seigen.

Meanwhile, Mayura, Kankuro, Kengo, Keiji and a group of other exorcists arrive at Magano Depth 2013, where they find the defeated Tenma. After making sure that Tenma is alive, the group decides to head to where Rokuro is fighting Yuto, when the Basara Shioji appears, along with the rest of the Impurities that escaped to Magano, who get fused in a massive Impurity with a spell. However, before an attack reaches them, the Impurity's arm get destroyed by Shimon, who suddenly arrives at the scene.

Seeing this, Tenma remembers when he told the reason to cut off Shimon's leg to Keiji: in order to prevent Shimon from joining the fight against Yuto. Tenma had foretold that, just like him, he would die during the fight the way he was. Tenma wanted Shimon to stay away from the fight, and guide the Twin Stars in his stead. Keiji declares that Tenma has made one big mistake, telling him that even if he cut off his legs, he could not cut away his conviction. It is shown Shimon has been given a prosthetic leg.