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A Glimpse of Evil (邪悪の片鱗 Jaaku no Henrin?) is 8th chapter in the Twin Star Exorcists manga series.



Benio asks Rokuro if it's true that he is responsible for the Hiinatsuki Tragedy, but he seems unable to answer. Seigen tells him that Benio is Yuuto's sister, and Rokuro changes his mind and admits that he killed everyone. Benio shouts at him, attracting the attention of nearby Impurities. Seigen brings them back to the real world, and Rokuro runs away from them. The next day he doesn't go to school, so Mayura starts worrying about him. She meets Seigen and questions him about Rokuro, but he tells her not to get involved with him.

Once Seigen is alone, Benio asks him to tell her the truth about Rokuro. He brings her to Magano, where they are attacked by a powerful Impurity that Seigen exorcises. He then tells her that it was a Fallen Impurity, an Impurity that used to be human. Meanwhile, Mayura finds Rokuro and comforts him, but when they are about to part ways she starts transforming into a Fallen Impurity.