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As An Exorcist (陰陽師として Onmyōji Toshite?) is 9th chapter in the Twin Star Exorcists manga series.



Benio asks Seigen why he told her about the Hiinatsuki Tragedy, and he says it's related to her. Then, he notices the presence of a Fallen Impurity and they go look for it, meeting with Rokuro and the Fallen Mayura. She starts attacking the Exorcists, so Seigen tells Rokuro and Benio to leave Magano while he exorcises Mayura, but has trouble doing so.

Rokuro and Benio start hearing Mayura's voice, and they think that they might be able to save her together. After seeing their Resonance, Seigen tells them that they could try the Furu no Koto, a spell that can exorcise any Impurity. He then distracts Mayura while the Twin Star use their Resonance to perform the spell, and manage to bring her back to normal.

Seigen then explains that the Hiinatsuki cadets were turned into Fallen Impurities by Yuto Ijika, who is still alive and appears before them.