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Chiaki Nanba (なんあき?) is a minor character in the series.






Chiaki was first seen being confessed to by Rokuro Enmado and she immediately turned him down to his surprise the her quick reply. She states that she doesn’t hate him but she likes mature guys and can’t see anything good about him. After he tries to persist, she asked what are his good qualities when he can't think of anything, he runs off an embarrassment.


Mostly the confession remains intact, but Chiaki makes more appearances.

After the two year time skip, Chiaki appears to have made amends with Rokuro Enmado and is excited that they are in the same class in High School. Seeing this, Mayura Otomi remarked on how Chiaki once rejected Rokuro and says time does change people.

She writes a confession letter to him. [1] When he goes to meet with her, he is surprised to see that it’s Chiaki who asks him directly to go out with her. Hearing this, he reminds her of her past rejection of him and how he was crushed by it. She apologizes for hurting him back then but states that he has now become a better person with his new attributes and popularity. She also explains that seeing him try his best is what motivates her. He thanks her for the compliment as she states her admiration of his hard work and asks him out again. However, he turns her down and she asks if there is someone else.


  • The name Chiaki means "thousand" (千) (chi) and "clear, crystal" (晶) (aki).
  • Chiaki's surname Nanba means "south" (南) (nan) and "wave, breaker" (波) (ba).



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