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Chijiwa (千々石?) is a Basara that hails from the Outcast Valley village. He is Momochi's twin brother.




Chijiwa is one of two Basara twins. He is the exact opposite of younger brother Momochi in appearance. His hair is mostly black with a white streak on the left. He wears a black tux, black bow tie, red and white shirt on the inside and black shoes. His right eye is golden-colored and his left eye is black with a red pupil and have a zig-zag crack on his lower left eye. He has a higher voice than Momochi. His Kuji-kiri is revealed that it is on his abdomen. So Momochi might have it on the same part as well.




He mostly smiles but he is quite picky to consume spell power though while in battle he adopts a more serious nature. Despite his previous personality quirk, he is always ready to accept his twin brother's advice. The two of them fully understand each other due to always being together. Chijiwa even broke down at the sight of his brother's dead body.

After the death of his brother, Chijiwa became unhinged as he created puppets of his late brother and spoke to them as if they were real. He also became vengeful shown in his final with the Twin Stars and was willing to kill all of their friends in his last moments but failed.



He is one of the new Basara to have been created.


He and his younger twin brother, Momochi, engaged the twin star exorcists in battle and were able to resist their resonance before subduing them. They planned to absorb their spell power, but Sae intervened and freed them causing them to turn their attention to her but before they could attack they were all sent to the real world. Chijiwa and Momochi were soon realized they were surrounded by three of the heavenly commanders who offered aid to the Twin Star who denied the help. Chijiwa arrogantly asked if the were sure about this as Momochi brought up they were immune to the Resonance though they were shocked to hear the Twin Stars shrug this off. Rokuro and Benio stated since the two threatened Sae they had to settle this matter themselves. They resumed the fight, with Chijiwa and Momochi briefly pushing Rokuro back and subduing Benio whom they taunted. However, Rokuro got up and freed Benio allowing them to fire a resonance which the basara twin dodged though this turned out to be a distraction. As Rokuro and Benio then fired a more powerful resonance which caused Momochi to push Chijiwa out of the way. As a result of the attack, both were heavily injured by the Twin Star Exorcists and were taken back to Magano by Kuranashi who opened two Dragon Spots to rescue them. Chijiwa lost half his leg and started searching for his brother but Kuranashi found him first and thinking that Momochi would be useless killed him to absorb his Spiritual energy and give it to Chijiwa, healing his wounds and giving him more strength. Lying that the Twin Stars are responsible of Momochi's death, Chijiwa broke down before cursing the twin stars for their actions.

Chijiwa determined to avenge his brother putting the full blame on the Twin Star Exorcists. He was given a charm by Kuranashi which would allow him to go to the real world while covered in miasma. Chijiwa was killed by Rokuro Enmado and weakly called out his brother's name as he was disintegrated.[1]

Powers and Abilities



  • Enhanced Enchanted Power: As a Basara, he is more powerful than most Kegare and Exorcist. Arima stated that most Basara are comparable or even stronger than Twelve Heavenly Commanders. After receieving his brother's power, Chijiwa's power increased and allowed him to take on multiple opponents, this was shown when he was able to overpower both the Twin Stars and Shimon Ikaruga, one of the heavenly commanders in combat.
  • Impurity Corruption Spell: Chijiwa has the ability to create strings of his own spell power when using on them on his opponents they can be used as a way to manipulate their movements turning into his puppets. Any attempts to forcibly remove them will be deadly to the victims. If the strings are place on someone with strong spell power the victim will be able to resist for short while though if the longer the strings are on a person with weak spell power, the shorter their lifespan becomes.
  • Chijiwa's leg regenerating

    Chijiwa's leg regenerating

    Regeneration: After receiving his late brother's power, he gained this ability which was shown when he recovered his leg after it had been partially destroyed by the resonance attack.
  • Baso Hyakubu (八爪百歩 Basō Hyakubu?, lit. "Eight Claws, Hundred Steps"): Chijiwa's Impure Death Equip. When used he gains six spider-like limbs that boosts his overall combat ability. [2]
  • Roengaimu (ローエンガイム Rōengaimu?): A charm received from Kuranashi which allows Chijiwa to enter the real world while covered in miasma allowing him to use his full power as if he were still in Magano.[3]


  • Chijiwa never figured out the truth about Momochi's death, despite the Twin Stars' claim to not have completely cleanse him.
  • Chijiwa was introduced as an anime-only Basara but was included in the manga later on.



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