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Chinu (千怒ちぬ Chinu?) is the oldest of the current Basara (ranked "First") and a human-friendly impurity


Chinu heavily resembles Abe no Seimei except for the colors of clothing, skin, hair, and eyes. Still, both of them are child sized. She wears a set of ancient exorcist's costume and has long pink hair that reaches the ground with twin tails on the end. One end that is tied with a bow and the other end tied with two big beads. Both of her eyes are golden colored.

In her Shinja form, she had many horns and a long tongue, with a long jaw.


According to Kamui, Chinu is rather eccentric but never lies. It wouldn't be strange for her to know about something that nobody knows. Chinu is rather indifferent to the battle between exorcists and impurities. However, she likes and is curious about human culture, and collects the remaining items of human after other impurities kill them.

She is often joking and does not care about the misunderstanding of humans. However, when she talks about the fate of the Twin Star Exorcists, her expression turns serious.


Chinu is the first impurity Doman Ashiya created and had the chance to evolve. In her Shinja (True Snake) form, she hated human, attacked them and was shown to be besieged by them as well. Later at some point, she chose to stand in a neutral position, mainly for her interest for humans.


Kamui and Benio made an agreement that - Kamui would lead Benio to see Chinu and find a way to restore Benio's power, in exchange, Benio would take Kamui to Rokuro, and the two would give Kamui a battle that would entertain him.

After a long walk for two months, it turned that Chinu lives in the Magano near Kyoto, and collects items of human culture for entertainment. While Benio was nervous and eager to restore her power, Chinu joked to her. Out of impatience, Benio asked her to be serious and talk about how she can recover her powers.

Chinu agreed to help her, but warned her that she must know the truth of Twin Star Exorcists, the battle between human and impurities, and the consequences for getting back power. She then used the mental link to show Benio, the city of Kyoto from a thousand years ago, and the two geniuses Abe no Seimei and Doman Ashiya who created the mechanics called Twin Star Exorcists. After that, she told Benio that, the females of the Twin Star Exorcists are in fact humanoid impurities, and are all genetically related to Doman. The Twin Star Exorcists would use their lives to give birth to Miko. She also reminded that, many females of Twin Star Exorcists who came to see her went mad, escaped from their destiny, or died in the process of transformation. Only two to three succeeded in transformation but eventually failed.

Benio was shocked, and Chinu scolded her to encourage her. She later begin the ceremony to help Benio transform, and she ordered Kamui to go outside to act as a guard.

Right before the ceremony, Benio asked her why she helped human, she told her there are many reasons, but mainly, for that if human failed she no longer can enjoy music. She also told Benio that, the ceremony would destroy her human body, turned that into ashes, in order to release the power.

When Kaguya emerged and heavily injured Kamui, she thought that the worst interruptor had came. She tried to let Benio focus on their ceremony and successfully awakened Benio's hidden power.

Powers and Abilities

As the first impurity and Basara, Chinu is said to be the strongest of them all and ranked first, for her age. She is over 1000 years old and was born during the creation of Magano. In fact, her spell power is only enough for clearing low level impurities, as unlike the other Basara, she doesn't kill humans for power.


  • "The reason why you were born is, to live and die as a person, to be born to be happy as a person!"— to Benio Adashino.
  • "Humans enjoy being human! So its obvious that you were born to attain happiness!!" — to Benio.


  • The name Chinu means "thousand" (千) (chi) and "angry" (怒) (nu).


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