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Cordelia Kasukami (勝神かすかみ コーデリア Kasukami Kōderia?) is an exorcist and Tenkū (天空 "Heavens"?) of the Twelve Guardians.


Cordelia is in fact a human. She has long pastel pink hair and two "speakers" (Ears, revealed in SD As Imperative Order!!) on the sides of her head, and C cup breasts. She also has pink eyes, purple eyelashes and eyebrows. She covers most of her body other than the face with a body suit dyed in black and yellow, and has mechanical hands with 5 claws on the end. By this, she might be a huge enthusiast of robotics.


She shows no facial expression most of the time, but smiles when she says, "C-U-T-E, Cute." She spells words out before saying them and speaks in a robotic voice, which does not come out from her mouth.[1]

In the anime, it is shown multiple times that she enjoys playing with children while taking a break from exorcism.

She like dorayaki and cute things, while she hate water, heat and mice (since she was bitten at the ear by one when sleeping).



Cordelia is first mentioned by Tenma Unomiya when he proposes to show how the Twelve Families fight.[2]

Cordelia is first seen relaxing by a wall, but soon wakes up when Tenma makes his entrance.

At the Hadarae Castle Games, she fought Nene Hinazuka and easily won.


Cordelia and Narumi Ioroi arrive to protect the city from the Dragon Spot and the Basara Yamato. After Rokuro Enmado and Benio Adashino weaken the Dragon spot, Cordelia destroys the monstrous Impurity. As they part ways, Cordelia calls Sae cute.[3]. Kuranashi absorbed her spell power which made her dead for now, her spell power is inside Yuto Ijika's body.[4]

Powers and Abilities

It seems like she can put Tenku's enchantments into robotics. She proves that robotics can be used for exorcisms.

Tengen Kuga.png
  • Tengen Kuga (天元空我 Tengen Kūga?, "Celestial Avatar"): Using the Fighting Spirit Expose Charm (闘神顕符 Tōshin-genpu?). A 30 meter battle armor, it has very strong defenses and offensive attacks. It is manipulated by Cordelia in a control room. [5]
    • Rising Dark Moon (ライジン 堕悪ダーク霧澐ムーン Raijin Dāku Mūn?): Tengen Kuga releases a massive blast of energy from its hands..[6]
    • Blazing Assault Buster (レイジン ター Bureijin Asaruto Basutā?): Tengen Kuga releases a massive blast of energy from a hand cannon.[7]
    • Lightning Blade (ニングレイ Raitoningu Bureido?): Tengen Kuga produces an energy blade from its hand.[8]


  • The name Cordelia means "heart; daughter of the sea"/"Jewel of the Sea" in Latin/Celtic.


  • The things Cordelia likes and dislikes is most likely a reference to the character Doraemon of the same name franchise.


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