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The Destined Two - Boy Meets Girl (運命の二人 BOY MEETS GIRL, Unmei no Futari BOY MEETS GIRL) is the first episode of Twin Star Exorcists anime series.



In Kyoto, Benio prepares for her trip to Tokyo, while Kinu warns her of rumors about an exorcist with power equal to or greater than hers. She boards a train in Yokohama, only for it to be attacked by Impurities. After entering the spirit world Magano to defeat them, she exhausts her strength. Meanwhile, after running away from his friend Ryougo's attempt to have him participate in an exorcism, Rokuro witnesses Benio suddenly appear and fall from the sky. He catches her and they both fall into a river. After they become lost while following her map, an Impurity attacks two children. Benio follows it to Magano, and Rokuro is pulled in with her. She easily defeats the monster, but many more appear. While fighting a gigantic Impurity, her Exorcist Enchantments finally break. Rokuro faces the monster and removes an enchantment from his arm, transforming it and allowing him to destroy the Impurity with a single strike. After the credits, a mysterious long-haired man declares that Rokuro and Benio are the "Twin Star Exorcists".

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