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Your Courage, My Courage - Zero Millimeters Apart (君の勇気、私の勇気 ZERO MILLIMETERS APART Kimi no Yūki, Watashi no Yūki ZERO MILLIMETERS APART?) is the thirteenth episode of Twin Star Exorcists anime series.



Kamui proves himself too strong for Rokuro and Benio fighting one on one, until they work together and manage to "resonate" with each other and unleash a powerful attack that takes him by surprise. However, it barely injures him and the two have exhausted most of their power. After realizing that the two are the Twin Star Exorcists, Kamui tells them that he will spare them. He then tells them that he wants them to get stronger so the next battle between them will be more entertaining. Either that, or give birth to the Miko, so he can fight them. After he leaves, the two pass out from exhaustion.