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Goodbye to Being Alone - The Awakening of Love (ひとりぼっちに さようなら THE AWAKENING OF LOVE Hitori-bocchi ni Sayōnara THE AWAKENING OF LOVE?) is the 15th episode of Twin Star Exorcists anime series.



Fushihara calls on Ryogo to come meet him at a park. There, Ryogo meets an exorcist who had just applied herself to the Ayame Branch of the Exorcist Union; her name is Haruka Kaibara. She quickly grows attached to Ryogo. One day, Ryogo goes to the day care where Fushihara works and asks him if it is okay for Ryogo to continue dating Haruka. Fushihara lectures Ryogo about family bonds and whatnot. Later, a death report states that Fushihara had died in Magano, however, the truth is revealed later when Benio and Rokuro battle an impurity corruption which proved to be Fushihara himself.