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Intersection of Twin Stars - A Fateful Fight (双星交差 A FATEFUL FIGHT, Sōsei Kōsa A FATEFUL FIGHT) is the second episode of Twin Star Exorcists anime series.



After the battle with the Kegare, Rokuro and Benio immediately take a disliking to each other. Rokuro is shocked when he returns to the dorm and finds that Benio will be living there. The next morning, Arima Tsuchimikado, the leader of all exorcists, arrives and orders that all the regional leaders be assembled in the Five Mirror Chamber. Once they are assembled, he announces that he has received a prophecy revealing the identity of the Miko, the strongest exorcist who will destroy all Kegare. He then asks Benio and Rokuro to step forward and commands them to fight, tricking Rokuro into the battle by belittling his dead friends. Rokuro is forced to go all out as Benio attacks him. Just as the two are about to injure each other, Arima stops the fight by cancelling out their enchantments, and apologizes to Rokuro for insulting his friends. He then reveals what the prophecy told him: Rokuro and Benio are the Twin Star Exorcists, destined to marry and give birth to the Miko.