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Differing Intentions - A Hero's Worth (すれ違い A HERO’S WORTH, Surechigai A HERO’S WORTH) is the third episode of Twin Star Exorcists anime series.



Rokuro wakes from a nightmare of being married to Benio. Before leaving for an exorcism, Ryogo tells him to help Benio now that she has transferred to his school. Rokuro is displeased to learn that she will be in the same class as him. When Ryogo and his group run into trouble during their exorcism, Benio leaves to assist them. After school, noting that Rokuro has been acting depressed, Mayura decides to take him to an amusement park. The giant Kegare that Benio is fighting smashes into the park's roller coaster, leaving two children dangling precariously in one of the cars. Benio slays the monster, and Rokuro saves the two boys just as the car plunges from the track. On the way home, Mayura tells Rokuro that it is at times like this that he is cool.

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