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What Must Be Protected - What Is Really Important (守るべきもの WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT Mamorubekimono WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT?) is the 36th episode of Twin Star Exorcists.



The news of the disappearance of numerous exorcists across the country has the Twelve Guardians in an intense predicament. The young exorcists convince Shimon to not recklessly handle the Basara alone. Mayura and Benio cleanse as many individuals as they can, while Rokuro and Shimon teamed to settle Chijiwa. Rokuro distracts Chijiwa for Shimon to activate his ace technique Vermillion Wing: Divine Enchantment on the Basara. Chijiwa plays one last trick and holds the school hostages to death, until Rokuro enthralls his new technique that simultaneously release the captives. Shimon shows a newfound respect for Rokuro.