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Spirits Soaring in the City of Romance - Tell Me Honest Feelings (恋の町 舞い上がる TELL ME HONEST FEELINGS Koi no Machi Maiagaru TELL ME HONEST FEELINGS?) is the 37th episode of Twin Star Exorcists.



Rokuro is given a love letter from a girl as Benio and Mayura question what his decision will be. The twelve guardians go off to investigate a mysterious crack in the sky as its danger levels have gone up.

Meanwhile, Benio and Mayura spy on Rokuro as the girl who gave him the letter is revealed to be Chiaki the very same girl that he made a confession two years ago but got painfully rejected by her. Chiaki then asks Rokuro to go out with her, as a shocked Rokuro brings up her previous rejection of him and how he was hurt by it. Chiaki apologizes for hurting him that time but now sees him in a new light as he improved in character and abilities. He thanks her for the compliment as she states her admiration of his hardwork and asks him out again. However, he turns her down and she asks if there is someone else.