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The Sound of Magano - Bothersome Twosome (禍野の音 BOTHERSOME TWOSOME Magano no Oto BOTHERSOME TWOSOME?) is the fourth episode of Twin Star Exorcists anime series.



Late one evening, Ryogo confides in Benio about how he wishes Rokuro would return to being an exorcist. The next morning, Rokuro and Ryogo have an altercation just before the latter leaves for an exorcism. Arriving at the house they are to exorcise, where eleven people have disappeared over time, Ryogo, Shinnosuke, and Atsushi find a room brimming with malevolent energy. Entering Magano, they encounter a gigantic, two-headed Kegare, which knocks Shinnosuke and Atsushi back through the gate, leaving Ryogo stranded. Exhausted, they return to the dorm and tell Rokuro what happened, forcing him to beg Benio for help in rescuing his friend. Ryogo, out of the gate talismans that would allow him to escape Magano, is being brutally beaten by the two-headed Kegare. Just as he is about to be eaten, Rokuro arrives and punches the monster, saving him. Benio joins them to help fight off a swarm of smaller Kegare, allowing Rokuro to deliver the killing blow to the two-headed one. He apologizes to Ryogo for their fight that morning, and they return to the dorm. While Shinnosuke and Atsushi take Ryogo to the hospital, Rokuro stays behind to thank Benio.