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Twelve Guardians, Vermilion Bird - The Guardian Shimon (十二天将 朱雀 THE GUARDIAN SHIMON Jūni Tenshō Suzaku THE GUARDIAN SHIMON?) is the fifth episode of Twin Star Exorcists anime series.



In Kyoto, Arima Tsuchimikado dispatches a mysterious exorcist to Rokuro's home city of Narukami to investigate the increase in Kegare appearances. Meanwhile, Rokuro begins to reconsider his decision to abandon exorcism after visiting Ryogo in the hospital. After receiving a report of twenty Kegare appearing, Benio, Rokuro, and the others from the dorm find that a group of elementary school children have been taken. Encountering an overwhelming number of Kegare, they succeed in saving the children, but find themselves facing a dire situation until the exorcist from Kyoto arrives. He easily destroys the Kegare and is revealed to be Shimon Ikaruga, the youngest of the Twelve Guardians, a group consisting of the most powerful of exorcists bearing titles derived from the twelve familiars of Abe no Seimei. Shimon is unimpressed by Rokuro, but Benio comes to the latter's defense, holding Shimon back as another Kegare appears, allowing him to witness Rokuro's strength. Shimon detects a strange presence, but is summoned back to Kyoto before he can investigate it. Afterwards, Rokuro realizes that he feels inspired by Shimon.