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Benio and Mayura - Girls' Party (紅緒と繭良 GIRLS’ PARTY Benio to Mayura GIRLS’ PARTY ?) is the sixth episode of Twin Star Exorcists anime series.



Mayura begins to worry about Benio after the latter continues to leave school early, thinking that she might be hanging out with a gang. She begins making attempts to get close to her, but they end in failure. Back at the dorm, Rokuro surprises everyone by offering to help with an exorcism since Ryogo has just gotten out of the hospital. The next morning, Ryogo asks Benio to sit out on the day's exorcisms and let Rokuro handle them, so she goes out jogging. She encounters Mayura, and they bond over ohagi, Benio's favorite food. However, as they eat, a fissure to Magano opens outside the building, prompting Benio to open a gate and save a bystander from the Kegare. Upon returning, she finds Mayura anxiously waiting for her. Rokuro returns from the exorcism to find Mayura at the dorm, furious that he is living together with Benio. Meanwhile, Zenkichi finds something troubling in Magano.