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A New Trial - Unbelievable Game (新たなる試練 UNBELIEVABLE GAME Aratanaru Shiren UNBELIEVABLE GAME?) is the seventh episode of Twin Star Exorcists anime series.



Arima arrives at the dorm, and informs Rokuro and Benio that it is time for their trial. He brings them to a lavish house and tells them that they are to live in it together, in order to hasten the birth of the Miko. He then takes Benio's familiar, Kinako, and leaves. As soon as the two go to their rooms, the walls retract and the floor tilts dramatically. Arima appears on a TV screen, revealing this as their first trial, and instructs them to work together to scale the floor and reach a air vent near the ceiling, which will allow them to access controls to return the rooms to normal. After a number of failed attempts due to improper coordination, they manage to make their way to the top by scaling pieces of furniture affixed to the floor. Making it into the vent, Rokuro receives a call from Atsushi, who tells them that a powerful Kegare has appeared and asks for their help. They find that the only way to restore the rooms and get out is to answer a riddle, for which Rokuro manages to guess the answer. They arrive in Magano in time to help Ryogo and the others defeat the Kegare, but afterwards, Benio finds that one of her treasured hair ties is missing. Rokuro remembers noticing something off since they left the house, and they return there and find it still in the vent. When Rokuro comments on how important it is to her, she tells him that it was given to her by her twin brother, who was killed during a Kegare exorcism after they were separated following their parent's death. Rokuro then tells her about how he was abandoned at birth and therefore never knew his parents.