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Rokuro's Feelings - Shocking Confession (ろくろの気持ち SHOCKING CONFESSION Rokuro no Kimochi SHOCKING CONFESSION?) is the eighth episode of Twin Star Exorcist anime series.



Mayura arrives at Rokuro and Benio's new house, where her concern about them living together is soon outweighed by worry when she realizes that Rokuro is going back to being an exorcist. After she leaves, she thinks back to Rokuro renouncing his attempts to become the strongest exorcist after the deaths of his friends. At the house, Rokuro and Benio find that Mayura dropped a charm meant to conceal her strong spell power from Kegare, who would feed on it. The two pursue her, but are not in time to keep her from being abducted by a Kegare. They rescue her from the monster, but find themselves unable to defeat it until Seigen Amawaka, Ryogo and Rokuro's mentor and one of the Twelve Guardians, arrives. With the Kegare defeated, he challenges Rokuro to a duel. Meanwhile, Zenkichi tells Ryogo and the others about Kegare corruption, where a individual with strong spell power can become a Kegare. He reveals that the first incident of this was the Hiinatsuki tragedy of two years ago, of which Rokuro was the sole survivor. Benio's guardian is shocked, and it is revealed that Benio's twin brother was one of the students who died when Kegare attacked the Hiinatsuki Dorm. He also tells them that Seigen is his ex son-in-law and Mayura's father. Meanwhile, Seigen tells Benio that the official story about the tragedy is false, and the truth is that Rokuro killed all the exorcist trainees by himself. Benio demands that Rokuro tell her if the story is true.