Sousei no Onmyouji - Twin Star Exorcists Wikia

Exorcists are spiritual group of people whose main jobs are to exorcise Impurities. They use different crested weapons summoned from magical charms as a main means of purifying them, such as talismans.

The Exorcist Mainland Headquarters is located in Tsuchimikado Island.


Known Exorcists

Arima Tsuchimikado Square.png Arimori Tsuchimikado Square.png Atsushi Sukumozuka Square.png Benio Adashino Square.png Chikage Yahata Square.png
Arima Tsuchimikado Arimori Tsuchimikado Atsushi Sukumozuka Benio Adashino Chikage Yahata
Danma Kurozu Square.png Danri Nimyo Square.png Fuguyo Mushuguchi Square.png Gennai Kasukami Square.png Gunki Ioroi Square.png
Danma Kurozu Danri Nimyo Fuguyo Mushuguchi Gennai Kasukami Gunki Ioroi
Haru Square.png Haruka Kaibara.png Hayatonosuke Inami Square.png Heiju Katano Square.png Hifumi Kashikodo Square.png
Haru Haruka Kaibara Hayatonosuke Inami Heiju Katano Hifumi Kashikodo
Hyoga Adashino Square.png Itsuki Zeze Square.png NoImage.png Jine Yosami Square.png Jinya Yosami Square.png
Hyoga Adashino Itsuki Zeze Izumi Kujinokawa Jine Yosami Jinya Yosami
Juzo Nakiri Square.png Kanayameiji Square.png Kazuma Ioroi Square.png Keiji Ikaruga Square.png Kimihiko Shigita Square.png
Juzo Nakiri Kanayameiji Kazuma Ioroi Keiji Ikaruga Kimihiko Shigita
Kinta Ochikata Square.png Kiyomi Kirigamine.png Kumashiro.png Kyohei Kazuka Square.png Kyoka Kamuro Square.png
Kinta Ochikata Kiyomi Kirigamine Kumashiro Kyohei Kazuka Kyoka Kamuro
Manjiro Mojigaichi Square.png Masashi Square.png Masashichi Amatorijima Square.png Mikage.png Naho Miyajiri Square.png
Manjiro Mojigaichi Masashi Masashichi Amatorijima Mikage Tsuchimikado Naho Miyajiri
Nene Hinazuka Square.png Orinosuke Yosa Square.png Ricchan Square.png Ringo Akebihara Square.png Rokuro Enmado Square.png
Nene Hinazuka Orinosuke Yosa Ricchan Ringo Akebihara Rokuro Enmado
Rui Fuka Square.png Ryogo Nagitsuji Square.png Sachi Konono Square.png Saki Adashino Square.png NoImage.png
Rui Fuka Ryogo Nagitsuji Sachi Konono Saki Adashino Sanai Iwamuro
Satoshi Otomi Square.png Sayo Ikaruga Square.png Sebei Ajiro Square.png Shigetora Nushima Square.png 130px
Satoshi Otomi Sayo Ikaruga Sebei Ajiro Shigetora Nushima Shingei Hagusa
Shinnosuke Kuzaki Square.png Shizune Mikuriya Square.png Shozan Saragi Square.png Shugoro Muro Square.png Shusuke Gein Square.png
Shinnosuke Kuzaki Shizune Mikuriya Shozan Saragi Shugoro Muro Shusuke Gein
Soma Todoromi Square.png Sumireko Nurumigawa Square.png Suzuna Unate Square.png Suzune Unate Square.png Taki Idakiso Square.png
Soma Todoromi Sumireko Nurumigawa Suzuna Unate Suzune Unate Taki Idakiso
Tooru Fushihara Square.png Tsuzuru Sakasegawa Square.png Wataru Suda Square.png Yanokuma Square.png Yosuke Sugibara Square.png
Tooru Fushihara Tsuzuru Sakasegawa Watari Suda Yanokuma Yosuke Sugibara
Yuzuru Amawaka Square.png Zenkichi Otomi Square.png
Yuzuru Amawaka Zenkichi Otomi

Twelve Guardians

Arata Inanaki Square.png Cordelia Kasukami Square.png Hibari&Tsukumo Zeze Square.png Kankuro Mitosaka Square.png Kengo Ujii Square.png
Arata Inanaki Cordelia Kasukami Hibari Zeze
Tsukumo Zeze
Kankuro Mitosaka Kengo Ujii
Mayura Otomi Square.png Sakura Sada Square.png Shimon Ikaruga Square.png Shizuru Ioroi Square.png Subaru Mitejima Square.png
Mayura Otomi Sakura Sada Shimon Ikaruga Shizuru Ioroi Subaru Mitejima
Tatara Square.png Tenma Unomiya Square.png
Tatara Tenma Unomiya
Hoji Ikaruga Square.png Kogen Amawaka Square.png Miku Zeze Square.png Narumi Ioroi Square.png Seigen Amawaka Square.png
Hoji Ikaruga Kogen Amawaka Miku Zeze Narumi Ioroi Seigen Amawaka
Shigen Amawaka Square.png Tsubaki Sada Square.png Uden Unomiya Square.png
Shigen Amawaka Tsubaki Sada Uden Unomiya