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Benio in Kyoto (京都の紅緒 Kyōto no Benio?) is 1st extra chapter in the Twin Star Exorcists manga series.



Benio's routine consists on waking up at 5 am and training before going to a girls' school where she is really popular with the other girls, but has no friends. They ask her to join them on their plans, but Benio refuses saying she already has plans. While she's eating in a park, impurities appear and she enters Magano to exorcise them until it gets late. On her way home, she meets with a girl from her class who invites her to go shopping, saying she had wanted to be friends with Benio for a long time. She agrees, saying she won't be busy. When Benio gets home, Kinu gives her the news that they were ordered to move to the Seika Dormitory in Kanto.