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Gabura (加布羅がぶら?) is a Basara ranked "Second". His risk level is SS due to being deemed the 'strongest' Basara the exorcists of Tsuchimikado Island have faced and fallen to; due to Chinu not fighting and Sakanashi rarely being seen in active conflicts. He is the one responsible for the death of Tsubaki Sada, Sakura Sada's father and Miku Zeze's old friend. He was also the one who killed Narumi Ioroi and his two eldest sons.

Four years later, he has risen as the second strongest Basara.


Gabura is tall and wears a robe. He has black bandages covered on his body. There are three braid lines on left side on his head and one shoulder back braid on his right. His golden eye is on the right while his blue eye is on the left. His crack is an L shaped line that connects to his left eye to right side of his face.

After four years, he has grown his hair out and taken to wearing a black cloak.


Gabura is rather a "playful" impurity, always looking for strong opponents.

He has no regard for the lives of human exorcists or impurities, killing them for sport and fun, further evidenced when he did not recall the people he has slaughtered, even powerful exorcists like the ones from Ioroi House.

Like a child, he is shown to have tantrums when halted in combat by those he deems as weaklings as well as regret and optimism at resuming his interrupted 'games' with his opponents.

Despite his childish personality, Gabura has shown to be surprisingly perspective and observant when fighting, this is seen where he able to figure out the mechanics of Miku Zeze's clone technique and figure out which one was the real her.


Gabura was confronted by Shimon and Tenma, hoping they were strong individuals. A fight breaks out with Gabura holding his own against the pair.

Powers & Abilities

Gabura unlike a majority of Basaras and Impurities and even Exorcists, tend to rely on physical strength and hand to hand combat while in battle, having been shown to have a preference to use his fists and kicks to fight and kill exorcists instead of using spells. This unorthodox method in turn is shown to be highly effective in battle, especially due to Gabura's superhuman abilities, as seen where he managed to slaughter hundreds of exorcists and even Guardians due to a majority of them being unaccustomed to fighting in such a bizarre manner.

After the four year time-skip, Gabura's threat level has risen and he has become the second strongest of the existing Basara.

  • Immense Enchanted Power: As the third and later second ranked Basara, Gabura is one of the strongest and most powerful impurities. His risk level is SS which shows his formidable strength.
  • Immense Strength: Gabura is very physically strong, as he ripped through Kazuma Ioroi with no problem and held back the enchanted gear of Narumi Ioroi.[4] Four years later, he is able to combat the tag team of Shimon and Tenma with little difficulty.
  • Immense Speed: Gabura is shown to possess immense superhuman speed, as seen where he manages to easily sneak up on and literally tear apart powerful and skilled exorcists to pieces barehanded without them sensing or even seeing him move.
  • Immense Durability: Gabura survived being hit repeatedly by the enchanted gear of Shizuru Ioroi and Sakura Sada, survive uninjured and unaffected by Miku Zeze's and multiple other exorcists spell blasts and getting thrown in the lower level of Magano,by two Guardians despite his injuries. After the timeskip, Gabura was shown to be sturdy enough to completely block Tenma and Shimon's attacks uninjured and destroy their Spell Swords.
  • Superhuman Voice: Gabura is able to let out a gigantic sonic scream capable of affecting and damaging the ears of anyone within close proximity to him to several miles from him. The scream itself is powerful enough that Sakura Sada, who was in close proximity to Gabura during their battle,had begun bleeding furiously from her ears and eyes due to taking the brunt of his scream despite wearing her Mystic Gear Helmet.[5] Even just his snores were capable of create tremors comparable to earthquakes while sleeping.[6]
  • Ganho Ganma (銃砲狠魔 Ganhō Ganma?, lit. Artillery Vicious Evil)[7]: Gabura's Impure Death Equip. It takes the form of a gauntlet-like claw on his left arm, with bone protrusions sticking out all over the arm, that seemingly enhances his punch based spells and fighting style.[8] When an unknown enemy appeared during the fight against Tenma and Shimon, Gabura displayed a advanced version of his Impure Death Equip, where his upper body is completely covered with an armor with bone-like protrusions sticking out of his body, that gives him a gigantic beast-like head with large jaws. Besides the gauntlet-like claw on his left arm, Gabura can also manifest the same gauntlet on his right arm. All of Gabura's abilities and Enchanted Spell Power gain a considerable boost.[9][10]
    • Unknown Spell: Upon donning his Impure Death Equip, Gabura can then create several miniature enchanted seals directly in front of his targets and a much larger one directly above him. Once set, Gabura then proceeds to launch a burst of dark energy into the larger seal above him; then the power is transferred to the smaller seals, allowing him to then scatter the blast to attack multiple opponents at once.[11] As analyzed by Miku Zeze, the technique is similar to Rokuro Enmado's Golt Smash and, though slightly different, far more powerful.[12] Gabura can also completely surround a single opponent with the spell seals in a dome array, unleashing the barrage of shock wave blasts at point blank range from all directions, tearing his opponent to shreds.[13]


  • Strangely, he slightly resembles Tsubaki Sada, the former Rikugo guardian that he killed years ago.
  • Gabura doesn't seem to know, or even bother to say, the name of his Impure Death Equip.[14]


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