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Gaja (じゃ?) is the fourth Basara.


Gaja appears similar to a tall human being in size wearing worn Japanese clothing. He has light red hair and noticeable scarring of unknown origin on the left side of his face to the point where little tissue remains and the underlying eye can be seen through the skull. As is common with Basara, Gaja's eyes are mismatched- the right eye is golden while his left is blue in colour.


Appearing composed and rather laid back, Gaja in fighting acts differently from the others of his kind in that he will fight out of necessity, showing no sign of taking enjoyment in slaying exorcists. Gaja has also reflected on his past actions and shown regret in not finding alternatives when fighting his opponents.

He is rather casual in addressing others despite circumstances, this was shown with his interactions with the Twelve Guardians' Tenko, Subaru Mitejima. As he noted how she'd aged since their last encounter, to reminding her in battle how he frowned upon pointless conflict.


Powers & Abilities

Earth Manipulation: As stated by Arima Tsuchimikado, Gaja makes effective use of this element through magnetic fields.

  • Jigai Bora (磁骸亡羅 Jigai Bōra?, lit. Magnetic Corpse Dead Silk)[4]: Gaja's Impure Death Equip. Details are unknown.


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