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Gunki Ioroi (五百蔵 軍記 Ioroi Gunki?) is an exorcist of Ioroi Main Family, the next head of Ioroi House, as well as the next Kōchin in-line. He is the first son and the eldest child of Narumi Ioroi and his wife Tamami Ioroi.


Gunki is large muscular man like his father in shape, but he has different facial features, no facial hair and no bangs.


Gunki is a very polite guy as shown when he introduced himself to Rokuro Enmado, in contrast to his sister who was pretending to be hostile to him for being a mainland exorcist.

He shows a serious demeanor which was best displayed in his fight with Keiji Ikaruga, his childhood acquaintance, where he claims that a person with a low resolve could not defeat him. However after seeing Keiji has a resolve similar to his, which was looking cool in front of his siblings, Gunki took him more seriously and stated he had to make sure he didn't lose. After the fight, he suggested he was happy, and they go out drinking while maintaining his stoic expression. 

Despite being heterosexual, Gunki is not adapt at dealing with females, as shown in the spin-off manga.


Gunki was born to the Ioroi Main Family as the heir. He and Keiji are the same age, and competed for high rank in Seiryuin as rivals. When Shimon succeeded as the Suzaku, he and his now brother-in-law, one year older than him, Seishirou Katagihara noticed that Keiji seemed not disappointed, and the two concluded that Keiji did not value the pride of the Guardians.


Gunki was first seen attending the meeting with his younger sister Kinuka, while his father, siblings Kazuma and Shizuru was on a mission.

During a family outing, Gunki meets Rokuro Enmado who he introduces himself to.

In the Hadarae Castle Games, Gunki faces Keiji Ikaruga and he states that Keiji couldn't defeat him. After a long battle, Keiji revealed he had to look cool in front of his siblings as Gunki took note that his resolve was similar to his, as he has eight younger siblings while Keiji has only two. When Keiji attacked, it looked liked Gunki was affected but it turned out to be a shell created by Gunki's enchanted gear. Gunki then defeated Keiji with a powerful attack, he told Keiji he couldn't lose because he had like Keiji he had siblings to look cool in front of but stated he had more so. Keiji acknowledged with that logic he could never win against him. Gunki told Keiji that they would go drinking that night as Keiji was confused by the offer though accepted as Gunki stated he was in a good mood while Keiji noted on his stoic expression.

In the spin-off manga published on Twitter, showing Gunki actually having the drink with Keiji, it's shown that he was patiently listening to Keiji while Keiji was constantly making fun of him. After Keiji got competely drunk and blacked out, he gentlely pat on Keiji's back to comfort him.

In the Yuto Ijika Crusade Mission, he was in the First Team of Ioroi House, along with his father, siblings Kazuma, Shizuru and one Senka. They were assigned to enter Magano early to clean impurities. Before entering they met the First Team of Enmado House. While Rokuro was chating with their father, he and Kazuma noticed Shizuru absorbed in the feelings to Rokuro. After he pointed out this, Shizuru blushed and denied that. Then the brothers somewhat arbitrarily told Rokuro that Shizuru would hang out and have a meal with him, in order to help Shizuru get along with him. [1]

After taking down a huge Snake rank impurity in the team, Miku Zeze contacted with them and told them the situation that the four Basara and Yuto are together aiming to the entrance. What their team would be facing is Gabura, the known strongest Basara who taken down a 100-people team including several Guardians years ago, and she and Sakura would join them. Soon, the team noticed a strong murderous aura. He and Kazuma adviced Shizuru to stand more within the circle, as she needed to survive to go on a date with Rokuro.[2]

Then Kazuma was killed in a sudden by Gabura. The Senka called Yanokuma standed out and told Narumi to take chance to enchant, in order to avenge for Kazuma. After Yanokuma was killed, Narumi was enchanted with Mystic Spell Equip. He was able to maintain some time, but later was hit. In order to protect Narumi from a final blow, Gunki entrusted their father to Shizuru and standed out to resist Gabura a bit. Before his death, he felt that Gabura's power was like an infinite abyss of void, and he was without any fear. He also thought of his parents and younger siblings, as well as his friend Keiji, as they promised to go out on the mission together while they are drunk. [3]

Powers and Abilities

As the heir of the Ioroi House, Gunki is a capable exorcist.

  • Evil-Crushing Destruction (凶羅砕滅 Kyōra Saimetsu?):
    • Evil-Crushing Destruction (魔山鳴動嚴 Mazan Meidōgon?): [4]
  • Armor of Earth:[5]


  • The name Gunki means "army, troops, force, war" (軍) (gun) and "record, chronicle" (記) (ki).


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