Haruka Kaibara (柏原 遥 Kaibara Haruka?) is an exorcist of Mainland at Ayame City Branch of Exorcist Group. In anime, she joins the Seika Dormitory.


In the anime, she has short purple hair and eyes. With a mole underneath the right eye.

In the manga she has very long hair tied in ponytail. Her first confirmed appearance is in Chapter 33 with only a back, seeing Rokuro and Mayura off with jeans and T-shirt.

In Chapter 31 the female exorcist who is possibly her, was shown with an exorcist uniform, sealing off the Magano breach.



In the manga settings by Yoshiaki Sukeno she has studied abroad. In the anime, Haruka was studying abroad in Europe several years before coming back. She studies art.


In anime, Ryogo proposes to her in anime episode 37, promising to protect her smile. She accepts on condition that she can do the same for him.

Powers and Abilities


Ryogo Nagitsuji

She is in love with Ryogo in the anime and they are seen going on several dates where she often takes the lead. He later proposes to Haruka while the children were napping at the preschool she works at. For the manga, Sukeno said in the questions of Volume 10 that she and Ryogo are going out together.