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Higano (氷鉋ひがの?) is an Impurity and the ninth Basara. His risk rank was S.


Higano has light gray, shoulder-length hair and dark skin. His right eye is completely black with a yellow pupil while his golden left eye is always closed. A long crack runs across his face, starting at the top right of his face and ending at the bottom left. Higano wears a white Meiji-era military uniform with a yellow sash from his left shoulder to right waist. He also has the kuji-kiri on his chest.


Higano seems to be calm. Just like the other Basara, he has no mercy for humans. He is very loyal to Hijirimaru, to the point that he sacrifices himself to give Hijirimaru his power.

Higano always say what is on his mind when he talks to someone.

Higano does not care about the power he can gain from the humans once they are killed. He prefers letting Hijirimaru kill them and take the powers.


Powers and Abilities

As a Basara, Higano has lived over 100 years and he is over 3 times stronger than a Heavenly Commander. His spells and powers are lightning based. He also specializes in speed.

  • Shiden Kogyaku (紫電孤虐 Shiden Kogyaku?, lit. Purple Lightning of Lone Cruelty): Higano’s Impure Death Equip. It cloaks Higano with a lightning aura that comes with gauntlets and greaves along with lightning rods on his body. Higano uses the electricity gathered on the rods to move fast and boosts his strength to launch his attacks.


  • "I wonder! I feel like maybe there was, or maybe there wasn't. But what matters, is that even if it was not there before your eyes, as long as you feel that existence within your heart, it may be interpreted as "existing", is it not?"
    to Hijirimaru
  • "Hmph. Are you really...unable to...move, then? Seriously...what a hopeless are." to Hijirimaru
  • "Really now. No matter how many times I look at it...this is the worst view...ever. Right, Hijirimaru? It's like a scene of never-ending corpses, and the air is putrid and if a prison...or a cesspool..." to Hijirimaru
  • " Defeat him and become king...Hijirimaru." to Hijirimaru
  • "One day, release us...from this day, the blue sky we saw, with your own two hands,—..." to Hijirimaru


  • The name Higano means "ice, hail" (氷) (hi) and "plane" (鉋) (gano), which literally means "ice hook" altogether.



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