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Kaguya (かぐ Kaguya?) is the sixth Basara.


Kaguya has the appearance of a woman in her late teens or early adulthood with long yellow-golden hair and an ample figure that add to her obsession for beauty. She wears a military uniform of unknown origin in addition to carrying a whip. Her left eye is golden while her right is green with black sclera with a cracklike scar running down the side of her face as is common for most Basara.

Hundreds of years prior to the story in ancient Japan,Kaguya was seen to have a more feral appearance in comparison to her current.As seen where she sported a dark Kimono and her hairstyle was originally tied to that of spiky twin pigtails,before fixing her hair to its current style when she fell in love.


Kaguya is a foul mouthed, hot head, and mentally unstable impurity. She is obsessive to her darling, a mummified male exorcist who in life in treated her with kindness and loved her until he betrayed her and was executed for it. As a result of her human lover's death, she now hates all the humans and impurities, among which Sakanashi being the most hated.

However this all hides a deep seemingly genuine human desire for companionship and love and a deep rooted sense of abandonment and loneliness, seeing as her last thoughts before dying being a sorrowful question as to why no one would love her and a deep rooted sense of regret,pain and despair at her having to kill her "Darling" hundreds of years prior upon him betraying her and learning that he never truly loved her.


As the first Basara, Chinu, prepares the former Twin Star Adashino Benio for a ceremony to return her spiritual power- Kaguya appears, needing to be confronted by Kamui to stall for time until the ceremony is concluded. When questioned she reveals she had come through Sakanashi's guiding and that her intentions are to kill and use Benio's skin as a beauty treatment, believing that the skin and organs of human women are responsible for maintaining her appearance. Though, Kamui attempts to stall her, his strength proves insufficient as Kaguya easily overpowers him, damaging most of his body, sending it hurtling through Chinu's home.

After sensing a large amount of spiritual power within, she is once again confronted by Kamui, now changed and strengthened. Irritated by this, Kaguya then dons her Impure Death Equip. Despite her best efforts, Kaguya is killed by the duo.

Powers and Abilities

Kaguya used her Impure Death Equip

As the sixth ranked Basara, Kaguya was shown to possess immense levels of Enchanted Power and superhuman levels of physical abilities to the point that she could pressure Benio Adashino, one of the Twin Stars Excorcists, after she successfully became the "Great Yin" and awakened as the most powerful Impurity.

  • Superhuman Strength: Kaguya was shown to possess immense levels of superhuman strength, with her preferred form of combat being beating and thrashing her opponents to death barehanded. Kaguya is physically strong enough to overpower Kamui and literally break his leg with just a grip.
  • Superhuman Speed: Kaguya was shown to easily outpace and evade each and everyone of Kamui's attacks and easily sneak up at him and thrash him around before he could even detect her with ease.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Kaguya was able to easily keep up with and react to each and everyone of Kamui's attacks during their battle and again was able to keep up with both him and Benio after her awakening as a Impurity.
  • Superhuman Durability: Kaguya was shown to possess immense physical endurance and durability, as seen where she was able to take repeated hits from both an evolved Kamui and a fully awakened Benio and still keep fighting and later despite having most of her body obliterated and being severely injured to near death, she was still able to remain strong enough to cast a massive spell in a last ditch attempt to kill the two before succumbing to her wounds.
  • Water Manipulation: As her Element is water, Kaguya can shot water droplets like bullets. With the overall speed and sheer power of the bullets to be so fast that even a Basara like Kamui was initially unable to see or even detect what kind of ability she was using.[4]
  • Konpeki Dakki (恨碧濁姫 Konpeki Dakki?, lit. Degenerated Princess of Corruption): Kaguya's Impure Death Equip, which turns her into water form.[5]
    • Maelstrom Whirlpool: Upon being severely injured by Benio and Kamui, Kaguya in her last ditch attempt to kill them both and prevent Benio from returning to Tsuchimikado Island, created a gigantic body of water in order to conjure a gigantic ocean-level whirlpool capable of completely swallowing a kilometer of land and catching and forcibly imprisoning both Benio and Kamui within the ocean whirlpool and nearly drowning them.[6]



  • The name Kaguya means "suddenly, brighten, illuminate, light up" (赫) (kagu) and "night" (夜) (ya).


  • Kaguya is the third Basara in the series to show some form of interest in humanity, along Chinu and Kamui.


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