Kaguya (赫夜 Kaguya?) is the sixth Basara.


Kaguya has the appearance of a woman in her late teens or early adulthood with long hair and an ample figure that add to her obsession for beauty. She wears a military uniform of unknown origin in addition to carrying a whip. Her left eye is golden while her right is green with black sclera with a cracklike scar running down the side of her face as is common for most Basara.


Kaguya was a foul mouthed, hot head, and mentally unstable impurity. She was obsessive to her darling, which was a male exorcist-turned zombie. She hated all the humans and impurities, among which Sakanashi was the most hated.


As the first Basara, Chinu, prepared the former Twin Star Adashino Benio for a ceremony to return her spiritual power- Kaguya appeared and needed to be confronted by Kamui to stall for time until it concluded. When questioned she revealed she had come through Sakanishi's guiding and that her intentions were to kill and use Benio's skin as a beauty treatment, believing that the skin and organs of human women were responsible for maintaining her appearance. Though, Kamui attempted to stall her, his strength proved insufficient as Kaguya easily overpowered him, damaged most of his body and sent it hurtling through Chinu's home.

When sensing a large amount of spiritual power within she was once again confronted by Kamui, now changed and strengthened, irritated Kaguya then donned her Impure Death Equip.

Powers and Abilities

General Power: Kaguya was shown to have immense spell power and quick reflexes, which was shown when she easily threw Kamui away and later destroyed half of his body.

Water Manipulation: As her Five Element is water, she could use water arrows, which was not easy to be detected.

  • Konpeki Dakki (恨碧濁姫 Konpeki Dakki?, lit. Degenerated Princess of Corruption): Kaguya's Impure Death Equip, which turns her into water form.[1]

    Kaguya used her Impure Death Equip


  • Kaguya is the third Basara in the series to show some form of interest in humanity, along Chinu and Kamui.



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