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Kazuma Ioroi (五百蔵 数馬 Ioroi Kazuma?) is an exorcist of Ioroi Main Family, the second son and third child of Narumi Ioroi and Tamami Ioroi.


He is tall lanky young man with spiky blonde hair and dark skin. He wears a bandana across his left eye and a small scar across his face.


Not much is known about but he seems to possess a laidback attitude. He had no problem introducing himself to Rokuro Enmado, in contrast to his sister who was pretending hostile to him for being a mainland exorcist.

However, he is impatient in regard to battles, as he shouted out to advise Shizuru to give a final hit to Sakura Sada.

He has a strong affinity to his family, which was shown while the Senka of Kasukami House ridicule their cheering right before Gunki's battle. He also greatly cares about his younger sister Shizuru as showing a supporting side for her affection for Rokuro though he is protective of her like a regular big brother.


Kazuma was first seen with some of his family meeting Rokuro Enmado, he was silent during the meeting and watches as his sister Shizuru berates Rokuro before going off on a mission to Magano.

He was later seen with his entire family on a outing, he told his father who was speaking Rokuro Enmado that he was late in meeting up with them and stated he was hungry. Kazuma then introduced himself as the second son of Narumi Ioroi while the rest of his give their names and birth order.

At the Hadarae Castle Games, he cheered for his family members attended the matches, and shouted that Shizuru should give a final hit to Sakura Sada.

In the Yuto Ijika Crusade Mission, he was in the First Team of Ioroi House, along with his father, siblings Gunki and Shizuru and one Senka. They were assigned to enter Magano early to clean impurities. Before entering they met the First Team of Enmado House. While Rokuro was chating with their father, he and Gunki noticed Shizuru absorbed in the feelings to Rokuro. After Gunki pointed out this, the brothers somewhat arbitrarily told Rokuro that Shizuru would hang out and have a meal with him, in order to help Shizuru get along with him. The two glared at Shizuru along with their father as she was flustered.[6]

After taking down a huge Snake rank impurity with his family, he was very pleased. Miku Zeze contacted with them and told them the situation that the four Basara and Yuto are together aiming to the entrance. What their team would be facing is Gabura, the known strongest Basara who taken down a 100-people team including several Guardians years ago, and she and Sakura would join them. Soon, the team noticed a strong murderous aura. Kazuma and Gunki adviced Shizuru to stand more within the circle, as she needed to survive to go on a date with Rokuro. During the talk, half of Kazuma's body including vital parts was destroyed by Gabura in a sudden.[7] Later he died in his father's arms. His last words was, to say sorry to his father and tell him to stay alert.[8]

Powers and Abilities

As a member of the Ioroi House, Kazuma is a capable exorcist which is shown when he is able to withstand the heavy pressure of Magano on Tsuchimikado Island.

Enchanted Gear: As an exorcist from Tsuchimikado Island, Kazuma is stronger than the average exorcist and goes into battle prepared.

  • Kyora Saigeki (凶羅砕撃 Kyōra Saigeki?, lot. "Evil-Crushing Attack"): Using the Impurity-Crushing Hammer Charm (砕槌穢符 Saitsuie-fu?), Kazuma enables his hammer to harm Kegare.[9]


  • The name Kazuma means "number" (数) (kazu) and "horse" (馬) (ma), which literally means "Several horses" altogether.


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