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Keiji Ikaruga (斑鳩 恵治 Ikaruga Keiji?) is the eldest son of the Ikaruga House and the next head.[1]


Keiji is a tall young man with red hair and blue eyes.


Keji is shown to be kind to others shown from his meeting with Rokuro and Mayura. He loves his family very much, he is particularly close to his cousin loving him as if he was his younger brother and requests for him to refer to him as "big brother" when the latter calls him "Keiji -Sama". He teased his brother when Mayura visited him and defended him from Tenma Unomiya.

He is a somewhat humble person as he stated that while he is going to be the head of the Ikaruga House, he remarked that Shimon is way better than him in regards of being an Exorcist. This attitude stems from Shimon being picked as the next Suzaku but in spite of this, he does not bear any ill will towards him and still supports him. During his fight with Gunki, he stated he had to look cool in front of his siblings.

As noted by the announcer at the Exorcists Games, Keiji is stated to be somewhat of a flirt with women.


Keiji is first shown with his father Hoji and cousin at the meeting where Arima Tsuchimikado informs Rokuro that in order to take part in the mission of defeating Yuto he must join an Exorcist House.

Later on, he is shown meeting Rokuro and Mayura at his home and watches as his father scolds Sayo for frolicking in the house. He watches his father thank to Rokuro for protecting his sister from the Basara. When Hoji leaves, Keiji remarks on how it is usually hard to his stubborn father to apologize before he introduces himself to Rokuro who is shocked to learn of his relation to Shimon.

Keiji states while may eventually be head of the family Shimon was a way better Exorcist than him before affectionately hugging him and stating he is proud of his "younger brother" as the latter tells him not to do such an embarrassing act in front of their company while calling him "Keiji-Sama" causing Keiji to angrily remind him that he told him to call him "Big Brother" causing Shimon to apologize.

In the Exorcist Games, he watches Mayura Otomi fight Sakura Sada. After she loses, Keiji asks a sullen Shimon if she's the girl he likes, as he confirms it and walks off, leading him to wonder if he expected she win.

He fights against Gunki Ioroi and the latter states that Keiji couldn't defeat him. The two fought with Keiji reminiscing on his childhood and how his family's enchanted gear was passed on to his cousin and how others had expectations for him but they were met.

After a long battle, Keiji revealed he had to look cool in front of his siblings as Gunki took note that his resolve was similar to his. When Keiji attacked, it looked liked Gunki was affected but it turned out to be a shell created by Gunki's enchanted gear. Gunki then defeated Keiji with a powerful attack, he told Keiji he couldn't lose because like Keiji he had siblings to look cool in front of but stated he had more. Keiji acknowledged with that logic he could never win against him as Gunki told Keiji that they would go drinking that night as Keiji was confused by the offer though accepted as Gunki stated he was in a good mood while Keiji noted on his stoic expression.

Keiji is next seen watching Rokuro fight Kankuro Mitsoka, he along with the rest of the audience are shocked by Rokuro's shikigami being a sphere of Ohagi. However, he is amazed when the latter activates it turning it into armor for his arms and how it gave him incredible speed which Keiji noted resembles that of his own enchanted gear.

When Shimon goes up against Tenma, Keiji notes to how his brother's skill is really incredible and notes he is a prodigy.

Four years later, he takes part in the mission with his sibling and the Twin Stars. He is confused by straying from the mission to fight among each other.

Powers and Abilities

As a member of a prestigious exorcist house and the second person to inherit the title of its head, Keiji is a capable exorcist. However, as noted by others and confirmed by himself, Keiji is not as a talented as his adopted brother/cousin Shimon.

Enchanted Gear: As an exorcist, Keiji can use Enchanted Gears to fight impurities.

  • Void Rending Eagle Charm ( ?):
    • Red Eagle Blade - Violent Dance (赤鷲刃・烈の舞 Seki Shūjin - Retsu no Mai?): [2]


  • The name Keiji means "favor, benefit" (恵) (kei) and "cure" (治) (chi/ji).



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