Kengo Ujii (雲林院 憲剛 Ujii Kengo?) is an exorcist and Genbu (玄武? "Black Tortoise") of the Twelve Guardians.


He is a tall man that wears glasses. He has green eyes and spiked-green hair and wears glasses. He appears to be wearing a green yukata cloak and inside is a black uniform with green lights.


Not much is known of Kengo's personality, but he has shown to be somewhat irritable, easily annoyed at his fellow Guardian, Kankurou Mitosaka, when they introduce themselves. He is also shown to have a miserly personality and is very greedy when it comes to money. For example, Ujii charged Arata Inanaki 10000 yen for a BonBonBina Magical Girls shirt because the shipping and handling fee.

Kengo and Kankuro Mitosaka are childhood friends.


Kengo is seen being treated by Kankuro.

Powers and Abilities

Because he is from the Ujii House who excels in barrier spells, he holds the title of the strongest defensive and barrier spell caster.

  • Occult Emperor, War Lottery (玄帝武鬮 Gentei Bukyū?): Kengo enchants his abacus with Steel Shell, Expose Charm (鋼殻顕符 Kōkaku Genpu?).
    • Camp Turtle Shield: Evil Suppression (陣の亀盾•絶禍 Jin no Kijun: Zekka?): An enchanted barrier, it automatically defends against any attacks from Impurities.[1]
    • Camp Turtle Mirror: Spirit Massacre (陣の亀鏡•殲魄 Jin no Kikkyō: Senbaku?): Kengo pours out water, which is propelled through a target and then reflected off several mirrors to hit the target multiple times.[2]
    • Camp Turtle Rope: Flash Silk Nest (陣の亀縄•羅閃巣 Jin no Kijō: Rasensō?):[3]


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