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Kinasa (鬼無里 Kinasa?) is a Basara.


Kinasa has long, straight hair and dark skin. He has a monocle on his right eye. His crack runs across his forehead, starting at the top left of his face and ending at the bottom left. His kuji-kiri is not visible. He is wearing butler's outfit.


Kinasa loves to play games with his prey. He has butler personality, being bound to his own "savoir vivre". He also loves to start with foreplay so much that he stops one fight just to "repeat" the process with next enemy.


When Rokuro and Benio were heading to a Dragon Spot through the forest, they were shot from afar. Shots didn't him them, but they've shown position of Kinasa.

After being seen Kinasa started his foreplay, shooting at Twin Star Exorcists when they were trying to close the distance between him and them. He got his attention dragged to fake-wounded Benio, which resulted in getting surprise hit from Rokuro.

He let them land all their attacks on him, leaving him inside a crater unharmed. He then takes out his whip and fights off, dealing with both opponents in no time. Right before he finishes them off, Tenma Unomiya shows up, forcing him to start foreplay again.

Tenma casually walks to him without getting hit by single bullet, and then lands a powerful slice that splits mountains in front of him, taking down Kinasa with a single blow.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Physical Abilities: He is seen to easily outmatch Twin star exorcists in terms of both speed and power. Akira stated that Twin star exorcists couldn't even slow him down.
  • Enhanced Physical Endurance : During the fight with Twin star exorcist he didn't suffer any damage even from Resonance empowered abilities.
  • Marksmanship: He is seen having a good aim, shooting precisely from a far with his musket.