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Kinu Furusato (生琉里 絹 Furusato Kinu?) is Benio Adashino's caretaker who raised her in all the years after Benio parents' death.



Kinu is a very short old lady, with a bob cut hairstyle.


Kinu is overprotecting to Benio Adashino whom she is deeply concerned for if it is something about her or her well being. She ended up disliking Rokuro Enmado as he saw almost naked Benio and ever since then she calls him "ero boy" and try to keep him away from Benio, although this is just for comic relief. Deep inside, she trusts him and wants him to be there for Benio.


Kinu was first seen in Hanabaru Dormitory at Kyoto taking Benio to Tokyo with her as their trip. After Benio and Rokuro went back from Magano after helping two children. As she saw Benio's dirty clothes she guessed she have been to Magano and scolded her for not taking people with her. But then complimented her for her skills and that it she will not have a problem in Magano. Kinu also stated that Seika Dormitory to where they are going, is full of useless exorcists that are nothing like Benio. At Seika, she was trying to protect Benio from the perverted eyes of the people inside.


  • The name Kinu means "silk" (絹).
  • Kinu's surname Furusato means "raw, crude, unprocessed" (生) (fu), "precious stone, gem, lapis lazuli" (琉) (ru) and "village" (里) (sato).

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