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Kohana (胡花, Kohana), is a small girl from Narukami City, which together with her brother were saved by Rokuro and Benio from Impurities.


Kohana is a small girl with shoulder length hair. She wears glasses and have a hairpin on the left side of her head.



Kohana was seen riding a bike with her big brother, when both of them were taken into Magano. They were followed by Benio and Rokuro, and moment before an Impurity was about to kill Kohana, Benio saved her. As Benio defeated the Impurities, she also healed the wound of Kohana's brother. After going back to the human world, their mother yelled at them for being outside at a late hour, while Kohana was crying and telling about monsters, but her brother who was mostly unconscious didn't remember any monsters.

Powers and abilities

As a normal human, Kohana doesn't posses any supernatural abilities or powers.


  • The name Kohana means "barbarian, foreign" (胡) (ko) and "flower, blossom" (花) (hana).